January 29, 2014


You don't miss your water 'til the well goes dry!

I woke to the sound of rain hitting the roof as it was getting light this morning. All week the word had been 'rain is in our future'. After a day and a half of a pitiful drizzle that only slightly wetted the ground, streets and sidewalks--I barely had to use my windshield wipers--I was happy to interrupt a really good dream to hear the rain on the roof. It was soothing as I lay there but, frankly, I was wishing for a good deluge. Something substantial. 

I mentioned somewhere recently that the very fine weather we've been having lately has me confused and out of whack on many levels. I am an Ôok va'áraar, a person from here. I live for the rain, the sun, the changing of the seasons. It's a big part of my spiritual self: I am a Fix the Earth person; and it's the rhythm to which my inner gyro is synchronized. My childhood memories are full of days playing in the mini-lakes that were formed by our winter downpours. For me Weather is the greatest channel on television and the most important segment on the nightly news. 

Rain-rain-rain. Pathrih, in my Karuk language. Did you know that he was once a Human Being, an old man? Pathrihapihnîich pakunipêentih, They called him Old Man Rain. I've been missing that old fellow. So it was good to hear his tell-tale sounds up there on our roof this morning. Welcome back. Come and stay awhile. Tell us of your travels. We've been missing you. Are you hungry?

January 22, 2014

girl and puppies modified


With the new year, and with a the first month nearly gone--I'm left scratching my head wondering where did the time go? I'm betting you are having the same feeling. 2013 whizzed by and 2014 doesn't look to be any more leisurely. And if LANGUAGE--learning your language, and I mean your Native language, is a priority, well, then what have you done so far this year?

When Idle No More hit our consciousnesses last year it did so most powerfully via the internet. I declared that last year should finish out as a year to start acquiring your language. Invoking the power of Idle No More to lead with urgency I implored all of you to seek out your language classes, your teachers, your culture bearers, your libraries and archives with a single objective: START LEARNING YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE NOW. Make it a priority. You are your own boss. 

And now my new proclamation. I again invoke the sense of urgency and leadership that is bequeathed upon each of us by the Idle No More movement. Native women-mothers-community activists started the movement to assure that our children and future generations will have a living culture. And my belief is that by perpetuating the european languages as the first language for Native nations s counter to the vision of the Idle No More women--to our ancestors--to us. 

If you haven't started already then start learning your language now. If you started learning and have allowed the banality of our everyday lives to derail your efforts--stand up and say Hell No in your language. 

Remember Language Is Medicine. And to quote the old Medicine Man and Medicine Woman: Make Yourselves Well. 

22 January 2014 

January 6, 2016

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Recordings? Yes! Hãa

I started recording the handwritten fieldnotes documenting various Karuk people in 1926. The fieldnotes include a range of material: vocabulary, ethnographic descriptions of Karuk cultural practices, and more complex use of language: phrases, texts and other materials. 

I recorded and edited the recordings at home using the Audacity software. Once done I then uploaded each recording to SoundCloud, an online site for musicians and others. The catch is that I filled up 200 hours during December. I decided that rather than pay the $150+ cost per year for unlimited storage I might as well re-establish my website. 

Puyava pay. And that's what this is: The newly conceived and operating site for Julian Lang. Yay.

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